Islanders Tally Up Another 12

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DALROD Peterborough Islanders – 12
Slough Jets – 2

Another goal fest for the Islanders this weekend as they rain another relentless barrage of shots down on Slough. Simon Johnston faced 58 shots from the Islanders, who are on fire at the moment.

The game started fairly slowly as both teams got used to a slightly rough ice surface, but it was the Islanders powerplay that, once again, opened the scoring. It took just 7 seconds with the man advantage for Cleves to break the deadlock with a canon from the point. Two minutes later, McDonald fired in his own in from the point with a fantastic snap shot. Nathan Pollard got the first goal for the Islanders forwards just 1 minute before the end of the period, giving the team a 3-0 lead going into the first break.

Another ice cut improved the surface no end and the Islanders went to work, upping the pressure on the Jets defence. Conor Pollard netted another powerplay goal for the Islanders and later in period picked up a neat little short-handed goal with the help of Brad Moore. If NIHL South 2 had a fantasy league, Conor would have racked up some considerable points this game.

Connor Stokes also found the net twice in the period and Leon Groom claimed one for himself in his first game back for the Islanders after a short break. However, the biggest celebration for the team came after Joe Wilson picked up his first of the season. The puck bounced free and in the confusion Wilson slotted the puck past Johnston – a true testament to hard work paying off.

A small slip up 7 seconds from the end of the period allowed the Jets to get onto the scoreboard and end the period 9-1 down.

The third period saw the Islanders start to pick up a few penalties as tensions rose. Kenny Bavin pushed the Islanders into double figures but penalties allowed Slough to pick up one more goal for their cause, courtesy of Jamie Joyce.

The Islanders pushed hard till the end though. There was still time for Nathan Pollard to completely undress the Jets defence and set up his brother Conor for a hat-trick and for Cleves to complete the symmetry of the game slotting in the final goal, after scoring the first earlier in the night.

The Islanders steam train does not want to stop and seems set for head on collision with Chelmsford next weekend. Both teams are on huge streaks, racking up goals left, right and centre. They come head to head on Sunday at 17:00 in Peterborough! Come down to and watch a pre-Christmas classic and the last Islanders game of 2015. A top two playoff is sure to have fans on the edge of their seats!


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