Islanders Secure Cup Finals Spot

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The islanders went into this match needing a win to secure their spot at the cup finals weekend being held at Alexandra Palace.

And they didn't get off to the start they wanted too, with Nathan Pollard and Sam Barlow taking early penalties. Ryan Sutton took advantage of the powerplay for the Buffalo and tapped in a goal on the backdoor to take the lead. The lead would only last just over 5 minutes before the Islanders hit back on a powerplay of their own. Bradley Moore taking a great pass from Connor Stokes before nicely placing his shot into the top corner. The next goal was vital and it was the islanders who got it. After taking a smart pass from Craig Wallis, Nathan Pollard gained the blue line and unleashed a Slap Shot into the top corner of the Buffalo goal, leaving the goalie with no chance and sending the Islanders into the end of the 1st period with a 2-1 lead.

The 2nd period started at the same pace as the first, with chances coming for both teams. With only one goal in the period, it was the Islanders who doubled their lead just before the 35 minute mark. Some great work behind the net between James Pentecost and Connor Stokes found an opening for Bradley Moore in front of the net to put the puck into the top corner for his second goal of the match. The Islanders had a couple of penalties to kill off before the end of the 2nd period, which they managed to do with some great goaltending from Dan Lane and the 2nd period ending with the score at Islanders 3 and buffalo 1.

The Buffalo started the 3rd with penalty trouble and the Islanders found a 4th goal with Shaun Yardley scoring a goal on the powerplay. Yardley skated in from the angle and was looking to pass across the net, instead of passing he saw the goalie was expecting the pass, and put the puck in the top corner. However the Buffalo hit back after just 13 seconds. After another good stop from Lane, the buffalo put a rebound in to decrease the islanders advantage to 2 goals. There was time for a couple of more goals, both going to the islanders. After a good pass from Conor Pollard, James pentecost played a great pass across the net to Connor Stokes for a well deserved goal. It was Conor Pollard who would finish the scoring off, deflecting a shot from the point on the powerplay. The game ended 6-2 to the islanders and the winning streak continued, aswell as securing their cup semi final spot.

Mom was Bradley Moore


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