Lane Makes Consecutive Shutouts As Islanders Continue Streak

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Slough Jets – 0

DALROD Peterborough Islanders – 12

dan lane

After much deliberation over whether the game would be rescheduled, the Islanders travelled to Slough on Saturday hoping to extend their streak.

The Slough camp, suffering from injuries and players on holiday, including their starting goaltender, fielded a weaker team than normal.

It looked like it would be a long night for the Jets when, after just 46 seconds, Nathan Pollard fired home the Islanders first courtesy of a beautiful set up from Yardley and C.Pollard. However, Slough’s replacement keeper, Print, did not go down without a fight. Consistent pressure from the Isles seemed sure to net a goal but for the next 9 minutes the game remained just 1-0 as Print pulled off save after save. The Jets caught a break early on when Jon Brammall was called for a check to the head but were unable to capitalise on their opportunity.

Dale Jowett broke the Jets defence half way through the period after some hard work from Porter and Sansby, who pressured hard to give Jowett a golden opportunity. This goal was the first of what was to become a hat-trick for one of the Islanders longest serving members. Shortly after, a long breakout pass from Lane to Pentecost set up Conor Pollard for the third goal in the period and gave Lane an assist to add to what would later be his second shutout in as many games.

The second period was comfortable for the Islanders but they were definitely not firing on all cylinders. It took a Jets penalty to get the scoreboard moving again and Dale Jowett capitalised on the extra space to move the Isles four goals into the lead. Suddenly the Islanders upped their game and two more goals followed in quick succession. Sansby, Porter and Turley worked the puck down low before Turley swung out and slotted the puck confidently past Print. Then 90 seconds later, Kenny Bavin found himself free to fire home yet another gino for the Isles. The line of Bavin, Herring and Jowett had been linking up well all game and had carried the Islanders through with their calm, collected and intelligent teamwork.

The Islanders were already 6-0 up going into the third period but, with a tough game to come next weekend, they just seemed to up their game against a noticeably tired Jets bench. Herring picked up the first of the period and then a previously frustrated Pentecost calmed down and began threading passes through whatever holes he spotted – setting up goals for Nathan Polland, Zander Cleves and Rob MacDonald in the space of just three minutes. In the last two minutes of the game, Yardley gave Jowett the chance to complete his hat-trick and Pentecost provided the same opportunity for N.Pollard.

The final excitement of the game came as Sam Barlow wound up in the slot in the final 10 seconds of the game. Barlow, who had been pushing for his first goal this season for a while, was given a gift centre ice and everyone was sure it was a goal. However, the wind up was reminiscent of a young Fulton Reed and, despite a clear path to the net, the play quickly turned into a dump and chase. Barlow had played well and was probably deserved of a goal but was unable to convert.

The game ended 12-0, confirming consecutive shutouts for Lane, who has not been beaten in over 80 shots, and moves the Islanders win streak on to 15 (13 league games and 2 cup games).

Next Saturday the Islanders have a top of the table clash with Chelmsford, who will be looking to try and secure first place in the league. If Chelmsford win they are almost uncatchable at the top, but a win for the Islanders would make them heavy favourites instead. Neither team has been properly challenged in recent weeks and it could come down to who maintains their composure on the night.


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