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Islanders Shut Out The Lions In Their Final Meet

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The Islanders went into the game missing Craig Wallis and Brad Moore. However they were boosted by the return of James White who hadn't featured in an Islanders game in 2016 so far.

The match started off with the Islanders on top, but after 5 minutes the talking point of the match happened. After a coming together between James White and Lions player James Joseph, Joseph headbutted White who was clearly not interested in fighting him but Connor Stokes flew in to protect White and landed some punches to Joseph that put him on the deck. Joseph was chucked out for the headbutt and I expect him to be banned for several games, Stokes also received a match penalty for roughing. The rest of the period was relatively quiet until 16:32 when a great pass from Nathan Pollard found Yardley wide open on the back door to shoot in the Islanders opener and the only goal of the period. Tipple in the lions net made an impressive 27 saves in the first period.

Islanders Beat The Racers To Make The Playoffs

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The Islanders were looking for their 13th straight win but were up against a very strong and determined side the London Racers.

The Islanders got off to a slow start and after 8 minutes they found themselves chasing the game after two goals from the Racers, firstly Josh Ealey-Newman left on his own on the slot, followed by Andrew Campbell with a wrist shot into the top corner leaving Lane in the Islanders net with no chance. The Islanders halved the deficit before the end of the period with a goal by Connor Stokes after hard work from Moore and Herring getting the puck to the net and went into the period break 2-1 down.

The 2nd period started like the first and the Islanders found themselves on the back foot again. A wrist shot into the top corner from Ealey-Newman restored their two goal cushion and they looked comfortable. However Islanders captain Shaun Yardley had other ideas, He went coast to coast on the powerplay and cooly place the puck past the Racers goalie.

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Player Stats

# Player GP G A TP PIM
1.  Bradley Moore (F) 10 11 16 27 14
2.  James Pentecost(F) 10 7 18 25 10
3.  Conor Pollard (F) 10 12 13 25 4
4.  Connor Stokes (F) 11 9 16 25 4
5.  Nathan Pollard (F) 11 13 11 24 0
6.  Shaun Yardley (D) 11 4 18 22 14
7.  James White (F) 6 6 4 10 0
8.  Clint Herring (F) 8 6 4 10 12
9.  Kenny Bavin (F) 10 3 4 8 4
10.  Alexander Cleves (D) 8 2 5 7 2

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